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As destinations go, Barcelona must be one of the most well known in the world. So find affordable flights to this fantastic place on the Mediterranean coast of Spain and have a blast!

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Your visit should start at the Tourist Information office in the Plaça de Catalunya right in the heart of the city.  Not only does this have all the maps and guides you need, but also has a lovely shop with items a bit more out of the ordinary than the normal tourist giftware.  From here its just a few steps to the famous La Rambla, a long street lined with unusual market stalls which stretches right down to the sea.  Be sure to visit the wonderful La Boqueria market about half way down – a real foody heaven and quite an experience if you haven’t seen one before.  At the end of La Rambla you will arrive at the Port Vell area with yacht marinas, a fishing port and Maremagnum – a shopping mall and nightlife complex which also houses Europe’s largest aquarium (and unlike other shopping malls in the city, this is also open on Sundays and Public Holidays).  From here it is possible to walk along the promenade, alongside the marvellous sandy beaches, to the Olympic Port.  There are many restaurants all along this route.

Barcelona is of course famous for its Gaudi connection.  Again at the Placa Catalunya, a short stroll along the Passeig para Gracia will take you to Casa Batilo. You can stand and admire this amazing building from the outside, but for a fee it is also possible to visit the inside of the building.  A little further away, still within walking distance (but you can of course use the metro if you wish) is the absolute must see Sagrada Família.  This fantasy church, which was begun in 1882 and has an anticipated completion date of 2026, is breath taking.  If you want to visit the inside, be sure to purchase your ticket in advance and so short cut the long queues.  Another Gaudi experience is Parc Güell, a short way out of the city centre,  which houses the famous lizard sculpture and serpentine seating.

Barcelona The City of Dreams, Barcelona, City of Dreams , best travel , nice city , top city , 2019 , 2020

 Montjuïc is a hill on the south west side of the city and was the setting for many of the summer Olympics in 1992.  As well as various attractions such as the castle, well kept gardens and Joan Miró museum, it is a pleasant place to walk and take in the magnificent views.  You can reach the topmost section by cable car.

 There are also of course wonderful shopping experiences in the city , with all the usual designer shops  and many individual boutiques.  And something for everyone, Barcelona is as good since its name - the particular city of dreams.


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