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New Audi S6 2019

What is it?

The easy thanks to read the arrival of the new Audi S6 is as a brand new and enticingly leftover government four-door, a good progression from its predecessors however nothing additional controversial than that.

The new S6 – like its shut relatives being launched at an equivalent time, the S6 Avant estate, S7 Sportback and SQ5 soft-roader – gets its additional performance from a fresh 48-volt gentle hybrid powerplant whose heart could be a new turbocharged three.0-litre V6 diesel. And diesels, as we know, square measure in sales decline within the UK following Dieselgate and promotion over the danger to human health caused by exposure to untreated diesel exhaust constituents, mainly Nox.

Thus the much more intriguing story is regarding Audi launching a brand new generation of S6 models that depend upon a sort of locomotion already discredited in some vocal quarters. There won’t be associate degree S6 fuel various offered here. The new cars might merit customers, however to succeed, they’ll have to be compelled to buck a robust market trend.

Audi naturally deploys sensible arguments to back its move: it cites the low CO2 output of diesels compared with petrols and therefore the proven fact that latest exhaust treatment gear makes 2019 diesel exhausts cleaner than the EU needs (and capable of passing the looming monetary unit seven standards). after all their spectacular fuel economy and generous traveling vary facilitate several drivers, too.

Best cars 2019, 2019 cars, electric cars 2019, new cars 2019

What's it like?

The heart of the S6 could be a north-south nose-mounted three.0-litre V6 equipped with a 48-volt electrically driven mechanical device whose output keeps the turbocharger spinning, even once the rotating shaft speed it low, to chop spool-up time and cut back accelerator lag. The system additionally incorporates a 48-volt belt-driven integrated starter-generator that below acceleration contributes to peak outputs of 344bhp at 3850rpm and 516lb foot of force at 2500-3100rpm. once the automobile is coasting or on the overrun, it collects power in an exceedingly zero.48kWh battery for later use in acceleration.

The hybrid power is directed through Associate in Nursing eight-speed dual-clutch automatic casing to a permanent machine drive system, that at further value is fixed with a sport central differential to sharpen the car’s nimbleness in corners.

Audi says the gentle hybrid a part of the powertrain contributes around 2-3mpg to real-world fuel consumption and helps the full system run cleaner. The official WLTP combined fuel consumption figure is thirty six.2mpg and therefore the carbon dioxide output is 164g/km — each spectacular results for a five-metre, two-tonne saloon which will pull a five.0sec 0-60mph time and reach a ruled 155mph in terribly order.

Best cars 2019, 2019 cars, electric cars 2019, new cars 2019

Should I purchase one?

Whether you ought to choose the S6 is that the million-pound question. For many, the engine sound and behavior can do a lot of to sell it. you just don’t imagine that one thing badged TDI might behave like this. however it's a diesel, and a $75,940-plus diesel at that. whether or not a user-chooser are allowed to require the perceived risk of purchase by his or her leader may be a moot purpose.

Other cars during this bracket supply a small amount a lot of chassis adjustability, however precious few ar moreover created, go as quick or as so much on a gallon or sound as nice. powerful alternative.

Audi S6 Specification

Where spa, Deutschland value £60,000 ($75,940) On sale currently Engine 6cyls, 2967cc diesel, and ISG Power 344bhp at 3850rpm torsion five16lb linear unit at 2500-3100rpm casing 8-spd dual-clutch automatic curbing weight 1955kg high speed 155mph (governed) 0-62mph 5.0sec Fuel economy thirty six.2mpg (WLTP) carbonic acid gas 164g/km (WLTP) Rivals Mercedes-AMG E53 4Matic, BMW 540i xDrive

Best cars 2019, 2019 cars, electric cars 2019, new cars 2019, top car


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